Software + Hardware + Machining
Development Services Desktop Platforms - Linux, OSX, Windows Consoles - PlayStation, Xbox, OUYA Embedded - AMD Geode, ARM, PIC Mobile Platforms - Android, iOS Cloud Services - AWS, Google Cloud Terrain Database Services Terrain Database Conversion / Generation Formats: OTF, OpenFlight, CDB, SEDRIS, VBS Geospatial Services GeoServer, ESRI ArcGIS Server Integration and Maintenance Open Source (OpenLayers, Leaflet) Development Feature digitizing, cleaning and processing Imagery cleaning, processing and tiling Custom slippy map tile generation Machining & Laser Cutting / Etching Laser cut, mark/etch, flat sheets of material up to 36" wide Materials - paper, cardstock, cardboard, fabric, wood and plastic up to 1" acrylic Laser mark/etch round objects Materials - plastics, aluminum and steel Lathe - turn up to 30" Mill - work pieces up to 6x6x24" Materials - plastics, aluminum, steel Questions? coordinate.

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